Kinse Inn/きんせ旅館

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lt takes about 15min from Kyoto station, Kinse Inn is a retro and stylish coffee shop.

There are so beautiful stained glass in this coffee!
When you passed in front of here, you can smell the good smell of coffee!!!
The owner’s wife is from America and she has Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement) work shop in here!
If you want to know the details, please refer to the following.

The owner and his wife , and the staffs are sooo interesting people!!! You should visit here : )

オーナーの奥様がアメリカの方で、きんせの中で外国人向けに生け花教室もされているんですよ♪ オーナーさんご夫婦、店員さんともほんとに素敵な方たちですので、この空間に癒されに行ってみてはいかがでしょう。

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